Use cases

Valist enables more people to get access to test new features before they are deployed to production. See how you can benefit from it in your role.


Merge your changes to a shared branch with greater confidence by ensuring that what you have built actually work in a production like environment and not just on your computer.

team reviewing an app
Product owners

Test what developers are building to validate that it is fulfilling the requirements and has good enough quality before launching. Keeping the work in separate deployments before release will help you iterate when multiple features are being developed at the same time. Then release to production with higher confidence.

team reviewing an app
UX/UI Designers

Test your designs and collaborate with developers. Even after producing highly detailed sketches, there will likely be more things you want to improve. Start testing before it goes to production so you have time to iterate and creating even better products.

team reviewing an app

Deploy what you are creating to temporary testing environments for your clients to test and provide feedback while you iterate on the delivery. By enabling the client to be part of the process, they will be more satisfied with the end result.

team reviewing an app
Sales reps

Demo early versions of a product with customers before release. Get critical feedback to share with the product development team while making customers more engaged.

team reviewing an app
QA Testers

Get access to builds ready to test faster in a production like environment. Don’t wait for ops to create test environments or trying to run applications on your own computer.

team reviewing an app