Alternative to Tugboat

Consider Valist if you are looking for a solution to improve the way your web application gets deployed to staging environments for testing. Valist provides very similar functionality to Tugboat but has some defining charactersistics which may make it a better choice for you and your team.

Supported application types

Both Valist and Tugboat supports creating staging environments for both simple static front end applications as well as more complex backend applications composed of multiple services including stateful ones like databases. Regardless of which service you go for, you are likely not going to find significant differences in the type of applications they can host.


One of the most prominent features of Valist which Tugboat is missing is its integrations to other common services like Jira and Slack. Easily share new versions of your app for every pull-request to team members and stakeholders by having Valist automatically adding a comment on a linked Jira ticket or posting in Slack.

These integrations can be set up very easily from withing the Valist app with only a few clicks. If you want similar functionality in Tugboat, you will need to implement the integration to the services you need yourself.


The price model is similar in nature. The first paid plan is set at $19 per month for Valist and slightly higher at $29 for Tugboat. The pricing of both services is slightly higher than what it would cost to provide the staging environments on most cloud providers. Valist also comes with a free trial with all features available so that you can test how it would be to use Valist for real before commit.

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