Alternative to Netlify

Netlify is focused primarily on hosting static websites such as those using the Jamstack. Netlify also provides similar preview deployment functionality as Valist. However, while Netlify can work for static web applications, they are not well suited for other kinds of applications.

Supported application types

Many web applications are not simply a static website. While Valist has great built in support for creating previews of static websites, Valist also provides the ability to create previews for web applications with a backend, even those requireing databases. If your website is a blog or a dynamic web application, it likely has a backend. Valist can provide staging environments for most backend solutions including applications built using Spring, Ruby on Rails, Nodejs, Django and Wordpress just to name a few.

Hosting websites

Valist is focused on providing deployment previews that support anything from simple static applications to complex microservice application deployments and does not currently provide hosting of applications. Hosting of production level applications has other requirements. A static website can easily be set up to be hosted at very small cost using services like Amazon's AWS S3 and Cloudfront. More complex applications usually need more advanced infrastructure anyway and are usually better suited to be running on something like Kuberentes.


If you application is a static website and you also need a hosting provider, then Netlify can be a good choice. If your application has a backend or can not be deployed as a static website, then Valist may be a good choice.

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