Improve your testing & build better products

Get visibility in your app's development and gather early feedback by automatically deploying previews as your code changes. Every branch and pull request creates it's own deployed environment to test changes before merging.

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Connect your repository

Deploy your website automatically by connecting your Github account. Then select your app's repository.

Deploy with Docker

Run the way you need your application to run by including a Dockerfile to run your own web server or build your static web app.

Automatically create previews

A staging environment is created for each pull request with a public URL, automatically updated on each commit.

Enable faster testing

When you make a new pull request for your app, a new testing environment will be created automatically. A comment is added on the pull request with a link to the preview so the reviewers can easily test it themselves.

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Simple configuration

All you need to enable your application to run in Valist staging environments is to add a small configuration file to your code. It is similar to Docker Compose in that you can run multiple services to support microservice architectures. It also allows you to specify steps to set up your staging environment with data.

Read more about configuring your app
    path: app
    public: true
    port: 8080
    cmd: node /app.js
      - mongo
    image: mongo:4.0
  - name: mongodump
    path: mongodump
    out: /dump
    cache: true
  - name: load
    service: mongo
      - mongodump:/
    cmd: mongorestore /dump

Integrated with the tools you already use

Enable product owners and the rest of your organization to get access to test the latest changes before they are deployed to production. Your preview link can automatically be shared to communication tools like Slack and project management tools like Jira and Pivotal Tracker.

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Works with any tech stack

Use any lanugage, framework, build tool or database you want as long as it can be deployed using Docker or run as a static app. Here are some that works great.

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